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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Experience Philippines: Its more fun in the Philippines

Planning to spent vacations? Looking for a place? Philippines is one of the most convenient place. Want to live in Philippines? Stop dreaming now and be a part of Philippines community. Philippines consist of different and beautiful tourist spots. One of them is the Boracay and the Under Ground River, located in Palawan which is now one the Seven Wonders of the World. Also Philippines consist of hospitable citizens. Want to live in Philippines but having difficulties in searching information, Guides on acquiring Visa Requirements, and etc.? There is a manual that suite your needs. This manual provides all the information that every tourist must have to know on how to live in Philippines. You can buy it for just a affordable price only. Buying this product will be worth it, because this consist of different informations and a guide on how to spent your life in the Philippines. So what are you waiting for, try to visit now the site for more information. Just follow and click the link given in this article. MABUHAY PILIPINAS!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Davao City, Philippines - Ranked 87th place in fastest growing cities in the world

Davao City, Philippines ranked 87th place in the world's fastest and growing cities all over the world. For almost 30,000 cities around the world Davao city made it to be the 87th place with an annual growth of 2.53% from 2006 up to 2020. The growth of the city can be judge according to infrastructure and also the on going construction of new establishments, malls and even hotels in the city. This is because of all individual and community who are cooperating with the government to make this city to its progress. Also one of the reason why Davao City reach this far is because of peace, well discipline citizens, being a hospitable and obedient with the law and the most important is the will of everyone to cooperate with the government to make Davao City to be a livable city. While Metro Manila ranked 190th place. The top ten are the ff:

1. Beihai (China)
2. Ghaziabad (India)
3. Sana'a (Yemen)
4. Surat (India)
5. Kabul (Afghanistan)
6. Bamako (Mali)
7. Lagos (Nigeria)
8. Faridabad (India)
9. Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
10. Chittagong (Bangladesh)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mergrande Ocean Beach Resort - Davao City, Philippines

One of the most relaxing and the best place to bond with family members are in beach resorts. This kind of places can able to relax your mind and set it for the future. Best thing also to have when going to beach resorts is that you can able to release all your boredom. Most of peoples young or adults really enjoy having their time along the seashore. Watching the sea waves, the fine and cool breeze of the air from the ocean. Beach resorts are one of the best venue for birthday celebration, reunion, wedding and etc.

In Davao City, Philippines there were so many beautiful beaches and resorts. One of them is the Mergrande Ocean Beach Resort. The beach have different amenities and  facilities that would surely love by the members of the family. Also if you are a business personnel and want to stay with your work via the internet, then they also offer a wifi connection.

The resort also have wakeboarding, swimming pool, billiards, darts and even videoke. There are so many things which you can do in this resort if you want to play golf then you can at their 18 hole mini golf course, play basketball with their basketball court, play tennis and fishing at their fishing village.

If you are worrying about your stay or cottages, they have family cottages and dormitories which you can choose according to what you like. You can also have your overnight stay at the resort. They have aircon and non-aircondition rooms. 

Amenities and Facilites:
Basketball Court
Tennis Court
Fishing Village
Swimming Pool
18 hole mini golf course

Room Prices:
Aircondition cottages - Php 1,250.00
Non-aircondition rooms - Php 800.00 (2 to 4 person depending on the room)
Extra beds - Php 150.00

Bago Aplaya, Talomo District, Davao City

Contact Number:
(082) 28984100


Thursday, August 4, 2011

People's Park - Davao City, Philippines

Davao City – Philippines became one of the most famous city all over Philippines. Metro Manila for Luzon, Cebu for Visayas and Davao City for Mindanao. Davao City was known for its tropical fruit which is Durian. Davao City became a progressive city due to the leadership of its present mayor Sarah Duterte. Economic growth of davao city can be seen through all infrastructure and investment that you can see if you visit the city. People are well disciplined and hospitable. Laws are being practice and most of all Davao City became known throughout its native delicacies and tourist spot.

People's park located at Davao City is one of the most and major attraction of Davao City. Tourist and even Dabawenyos want to visit the park due to high level of security. People's Park formerly known as the PTA ground. This is a park that shows the rch culture of Davao city which are the Philippines eagle, its deliciuos tropical fruit durian, rain forest and even the newest dancing fountain. Peoples Park opened last December 15, 2007. Peoples park is a very secured place due to the fact that their are lots of cameras around it. Vandalism inside the park are prohibited. There is no need to worry about some services, if you do have some friends or members of the family that is disable the park offer wheel chairs to cater your needs.

This park is free no entrance fee while entering the park. People's park is located near at Apo View Hotel and in front of Casa Letecia. So try to visit now one of Davao City’s pride, the Peoples Park. I invite you to bring your whole family and visit Davao City. 


Entrance Fee: 
There is no entrance fee upon entering the park.

At the back of Apo View Hotel and in front of Casa Leticia. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lantaw Bukid - Davao City, Philippines

Philippines is one of the most beautiful country. Peoples are hospitable, has many tourist spot and different festivals for the entire year and etc.. December is fast approaching how many months more and the weather will change and the breeze of the fine fresh air would turn to much more fine fresh and cold air which tells everyone that Christmas is approaching. Together with the Christmas approaching presence also the idea of having a vacation with the entire family, love ones or friends either.

Davao City which is located in Philippines has shown one of its fine and beautiful scenery that could bring joy and satisfaction to the whole family. One of the best resort in Davao City is the Lantaw Bukid Resort. It is located at Los Amigos Tugbok District Davao City. From downtown take a ride either a taxi or a jeepney that has a route of CALINAN. This route wil pass through Ulas, Mintal and finally the tugbok district which residesthe Lantaw Bukid. Few meters away from proper Tugbok you can  see the Sul Orhids a garden that sell different types and varities of flowers. Few meters again to travel and you will reach and see a sign pointing to Lantaw Bukid.

They also have different facilities and amnities in which the entire family would love and enjoy. Upon entering the resort they have an entrance fee of Php60.00 and if you want to have your overnight stay they also offer room at most affordable prices more or less Php450.00.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Fishing and boat area

Direction to follow:

Ulas -> Catalunan Pequeno -> Green Meadows -> Mintal -> Tugbok district -> Crossing Quarry -> Los Amigos

For reservation:

Landline: 298-1494


Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to Online Tourist Guide blog

Online Tourist Guide blog aims to help all tourist or individual to look for a cool, wonderful, tranquil and beautiful place where they can relax. Many of us now wondering and thinking of where are those places where I can reflect or either enjoy my vacation. There are so many places, spots and etc., were some doesn't know either. This blog would want to help you and lessen your burden for looking a place where you can spent your time with your family, love ones or friends. This blog will serves as your tourist guide along your journey throughout the world. It will help you to find the coolest place around the world to spent your vacation with. This blog talks about places, spots, animals, races, festivals and etc., So as you go along with your journey my dearest readers hope we can be together and good luck. May God bless us all.