Florenda Beach Resort – Island Garden City of Samal

Last Saturday we’ve spent our whole night and half of the day together with my co-office mates within this beach as we held our Team Building (T.B.). The resort is not a crowded one. It is a spacious one. Room rates are differing according to the type of the rooms. They offer a nipa hut type cottage and a fully air-condition rooms. They also have a mini conference hall. The one that really amaze me most is the crystal clear beach water. Me and my team almost the half of the day in the beach. Due to the clear water you can really see the corals and even the fish playing around the corals. Also, their pool is an amazing one. Their pool is also an amazing one. Because it is a beach water I don’t know how comes but it is really a beach water unlike a typical pool that consist of chlorine. When it comes to the rates of the room, I can’t provide the exact one but you can visit their website >>http://florendabeachresort.com/<<


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