People's Park - Davao City, Philippines

Davao City – Philippines became one of the most famous city all over Philippines. Metro Manila for Luzon, Cebu for Visayas and Davao City for Mindanao. Davao City was known for its tropical fruit which is Durian. Davao City became a progressive city due to the leadership of its present mayor Sarah Duterte. Economic growth of davao city can be seen through all infrastructure and investment that you can see if you visit the city. People are well disciplined and hospitable. Laws are being practice and most of all Davao City became known throughout its native delicacies and tourist spot.

People's park located at Davao City is one of the most and major attraction of Davao City. Tourist and even Dabawenyos want to visit the park due to high level of security. People's Park formerly known as the PTA ground. This is a park that shows the rch culture of Davao city which are the Philippines eagle, its deliciuos tropical fruit durian, rain forest and even the newest dancing fountain. Peoples Park opened last December 15, 2007. Peoples park is a very secured place due to the fact that their are lots of cameras around it. Vandalism inside the park are prohibited. There is no need to worry about some services, if you do have some friends or members of the family that is disable the park offer wheel chairs to cater your needs.

This park is free no entrance fee while entering the park. People's park is located near at Apo View Hotel and in front of Casa Letecia. So try to visit now one of Davao City’s pride, the Peoples Park. I invite you to bring your whole family and visit Davao City. 


Entrance Fee: 
There is no entrance fee upon entering the park.

At the back of Apo View Hotel and in front of Casa Leticia. 


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