Davao City, Philippines - Ranked 87th place in fastest growing cities in the world

Davao City, Philippines ranked 87th place in the world's fastest and growing cities all over the world. For almost 30,000 cities around the world Davao city made it to be the 87th place with an annual growth of 2.53% from 2006 up to 2020. The growth of the city can be judge according to infrastructure and also the on going construction of new establishments, malls and even hotels in the city. This is because of all individual and community who are cooperating with the government to make this city to its progress. Also one of the reason why Davao City reach this far is because of peace, well discipline citizens, being a hospitable and obedient with the law and the most important is the will of everyone to cooperate with the government to make Davao City to be a livable city. While Metro Manila ranked 190th place. The top ten are the ff:

1. Beihai (China)
2. Ghaziabad (India)
3. Sana'a (Yemen)
4. Surat (India)
5. Kabul (Afghanistan)
6. Bamako (Mali)
7. Lagos (Nigeria)
8. Faridabad (India)
9. Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
10. Chittagong (Bangladesh)


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